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Mirror-hang placards or license plates for the permanently disabled are available when the disability is certified. The application must be completed by a medical doctor licensed to practice medicine, a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner acting in conjunction with a written protocol developed jointly by a physician, or a Christian Science Practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal. This is not required when renewing a permanent plate or placard. Mirror-hang placards initially cost $21.50 and are valid for two years. They are renewable every two years for a fee of $3.00. The initial permanent placard may be free if the applicant has a vehicle currently registered in their name. The placard may be used in any vehicle in which the disabled person is a passenger. A temporary placard is valid for a period of six (6)months and is available upon physician certification. Cost of the temporary placard is $10.00 and can only be renewed one time. (Requires new certification) Certification is made on a form supplied by the State Department of Revenue. These forms are available from the County Clerk's Office. You may call 209-6525 and request a form by mail, or submit your request via email.


A completed disability application form with the appropriate fee can be brought to either of the County Clerk offices or mailed to:
W.F. (Bill) Knowles
PO Box 24868
Chattanooga, TN 37422-4868.

Disabled applicants for a mirror-hang placard are not required to have a vehicle registered in their name. However, if applying for a plate the vehicle information must be submitted on the prescribed form. The vehicle title must prove ownership by the applicant either individually or jointly.


When a plate is preferred the vehicle owner should bring the completed State Disabled Application Form to either of the tag and title offices. If this special plate is replacing a plate that is still valid the plate must be surrendered when applying for the disabled tag.


Free plates are authorized only when a physician certifies the applicant is 100% confined to a wheelchair. When the plate is issued by the County Clerk's office for the first time the applicant may request a free mirror-hang placard that is valid for two years.


Need Photo Driver License or other acceptable photo I.D. Go Here for acceptable forms of I.D.


Also, when visiting the office please consider donating a dollar to the State Organ Donor Awareness Program.


Placard for Temporary Disability
Placard for Permanent Disability
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