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Update April 30, 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recent tornado the plate production warehouse in Nashville will not be printing personalized plates for 3 – 5 months. Please note this delay when making application.
Generally, personalized and cultural plate applications must be made in advance to the State office. The standard personalized or college plate costs $35.00 extra each year in addition to the regular tag registration fee. A personalized collegiate plate costs an additional $70.00. Some collegiate plates are in stock. Please call 423/209-6525 to make inquiry.

Application forms for personalized and college plates are enclosed in the renewal notices mailed to motorists before the expiration of their current registration.

For a personalized tag to be manufactured and returned to the County Clerk's office by the 25th of any month, the application must reach the Nashville office by the last day of the preceding month.

Motorists with a valid tag must surrender the tag to the Clerk's office before being issued the personalized or college plate.

One-of-a-kind personalized or college plates are normally issued at the Bonny Oaks Branch. If you prefer to pick up the tag at the Courthouse, please call one day in advance and the tag will be transferred from the Branch to the Courthouse for issuance. When picking up your personalized or college plate, please bring the approval letter received from the State office. Please call 423-209-6525 to make inquiry.

Need Photo Driver License or other acceptable photo I.D. Go Here for acceptable forms of I.D.


Also, when visiting the office please consider donating a dollar to the State Organ Donor Awareness Program.

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