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If there is not a lien on a vehicle the owner(s) may replace a lost or damaged motor vehicle title by visiting either the Courthouse or Bonny Oaks office.

However, for the Clerk's office to issue a replacement title the vehicle record must be in the State's computer system and eligible for replacement. Also, the registered owners, when applying, must present proof of ownership and Photo ID. If a lien is recorded against the vehicle a discharge of lien must accompany the application.

Mail-In Option:
Eligibility for mail option: Military Personnel, former Hamilton County Residents and Lienholders making application by mail for Certificate of Duplicate Title. (download Application For Replacement Title)

All other applicants please call 423/209-6525

To obtain a replacement Tennessee motor vehicle title, owner(s) please complete the application in its entirety. Application requires the owner(s) or appointed power of attorney to sign their name in the box designated (signature of certifier/owner or power of attorney).  Lienholders will need to sign and print the name of the lienholder and sign their name as the individual representative.

Person(s) making application must submit copy of driver license(s) or other acceptable photo I.D. Go Here for acceptable forms of I.D..

Submit a Notarized Power of Attorney  signed by owner(s) or lienholder designating W. F. Knowles, Hamilton County Clerk to sign application.

Lienholders must make payment by check drawn on their financial institution’s account, others submit a cashier’s check or money order in the amount of $14.00.

Mail application to:

W.F. (Bill) Knowles
Hamilton County Clerk
6135 Heritage Park Drive
Chattanooga TN 37416

If state record permits and if the data system does not indicate a lien, owner(s) will be mailed a replacement title within 7-10 business days.

Also, when visiting the office please consider donating a dollar to the State Organ Donor Awareness Program.

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