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Buying a Vehicle from an Individual?
     PDF sample of how to complete a Tennessee Title

Already purchased a vehicle?

Below is titling information if you already purchased a vehicle or are a new Tennessee resident.


Proof of Residency is required by the State of Tennessee Dept. of Revenue. Click Here for information.


For the fees associated with this transaction, please call (423) 209-6525.


Please bring Photo Driver License or other acceptable photo I.D. Go Here for acceptable forms of I.D. when titling a vehicle, applying for a license plate or transferring a plate from one vehicle to another. State law requires the applicant or owner to visit the County Clerk's office. If you can't personally transact this business a representative may be designated by notarized Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney must identify the vehicle by make, model and identification number. A free form for this purpose may be obtained at either office location, by calling 423/209-6525 or printing the HTML version from our forms website.


If your vehicle is new bring all papers connected with the purchase. This includes manufacturers statement of origin, or MSO, new car invoice from dealer, odometer statement, and a security agreement if financed. If the vehicle was purchased from an individual, please present a properly signed certificate of title and if the vehicle isn't over ten years old the odometer statement must be completed on the title where specified. If the vehicle is financed bring the security agreement. Vehicles purchased from individuals may require a special affidavit from the seller if the sales price does not agree with the NADA vehicle value guide. You may refer to the NADA's website to determine their value for your vehicle.


If you wish to transfer your present tag please bring your current tag receipt or tag number.

Larger vehicles weighing more than 16,000 pounds are exempt from the odometer law.

If you bought the vehicle for considerably less than the retail market value, the seller must sign an Affidavit of Non-Dealer Transfers of Motor Vehicles and Boats. A form for this purpose may be picked up at either the Courthouse or Branch office, or downloaded from the link above. If unable to locate the seller, a notarized appraisal from a licensed dealer is acceptable, otherwise tax will be based on the NADA book value.


Transfers from immediate family members may be eligible for tax exemption. Gifts from non-family members in some cases may also be tax exempt. However, the State does require a sworn affidavit on exempt transactions. Forms are available at the Courthouse or the Branch office in the Bonny Oaks Industrial Park.



The State does not permit a corporate transfer without collection of sales tax, even among family members.


Attention motorists purchasing vehicles in Georgia or Alabama:


Georgia: Georgia does not issue a title on vehicles with a year model of 1985 or older. Alabama: All 1975 and subsequent year model vehicles are required to be titled by Alabama residents.


In these cases where a title does not exist the owner must furnish vehicle registration receipt and notarized bill of sale; also a lien instrument if there is a lien. If registration is not at least 90 days old, notarized bill of sale from previous owner of vehicle must also be submitted.


Also, when visiting the office please consider donating a dollar to the State Organ Donor Awareness Program.

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