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State law requires applicants to personally sign vehicle documents. If the vehicle is to be titled to more than one owner but only one owner makes application to the County Clerk, then the signature of the other owner must appear on some other document such as a sales contract, security agreement, et cetera. If applicants want to permit spouse, child or another person to sign the state application document a notarized Power of Attorney form must be executed. Need Photo Driver License or other acceptable photo I.D. Go Here for acceptable forms of I.D.

Please note this important exception to the Power of Attorney designation on the odometer certification. The exception is: The Power of Attorney designation cannot authorize a person to sign the odometer certification both as the seller and the buyer of the vehicle.


A Commercial Blanket Power of Attorney is used when a business wishes to authorize representatives to handle transactions or obtain information relating to company-owned vehicles.


Power of Attorney forms are available at the Courthouse or the Bonny Oaks Branch office. Also, requests may be made by calling 423/209-6525 or via our forms website.


When visiting the office please consider donating a dollar to the State Organ Donor Awareness Program.

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