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For New Residents Titling a Vehicle in Tennessee for the First Time

Below is a checklist for registering a vehicle for the first time in Hamilton County, Tennessee. If you have questions regarding your situation please call (423) 209-6525.

Applicant(s) must visit the Clerk’s office at the downtown Courthouse or the branch office off of Bonny Oaks Drive. Click for driving directions.

Please bring the following:

1) Personal photo ID. Click for list of acceptable identification.
2) Two proofs of local residence. Click for qualifying proofs of residence.

3) Proof of compliance with state mandated emission test. Click for FAQs.

4) Your out-of-state title and the odometer reading at time of purchase. If there is a lien, bring a copy of the title or an original or certified copy of the current tag receipt along with the name, address and zip code of the lien holder. Some States allow the owner to hold the title instead of the lien holder, so in this case the title is required.

5) Required applicant(s) if the title was issued in more than one name. Who is required?
  1. If the names are connected with “and” both owners must appear. If only one person is able to appear, a power of attorney form must be executed designating the other owner to sign both names. Click for form.
  2. If names are connected by "or" only one of the named individuals need appear. 

6) If vehicle is being leased, you will need the following:
  1. Original notarized power of attorney from lessor. Click for form.
  2. Lessor’s Tennessee sales tax leasing number.
  3. Out of State registration in lessor’s name or faxed copy of the front of the title sent directly from the lessor to our office. Fax number (423) 209-6526
  4. If vehicle is leased to more than one person, both parties will need to visit the motor vehicle office.

For the fees associated with this transaction, please call (423) 209-6525.

When visiting the office please consider donating a dollar to the County Clerk’s Organ Donor Awareness Program.

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